Saturday, April 27, 2019

A Sad Day for the Love Sh@ck

Last spring, during our only outing in 2018, we noticed that the floor in our 2004 Dutchman T@b was a bit squishy in front of the counter. Fearing the worst, we peeled back the linoleum and immediately saw the water damage. After removing the rest of the linoleum, we could see that at least half the floor was damaged. Realizing that we couldn't simply patch things up, we began our research into the possibility of replacing the floor.

After reviewing YouTube videos, chatting with other T@b owners on Facebook, and emailing Elsie at NuCamp we decided to purchase the parts needed to do a total floor replacement. Unfortunately, once we removed the carriage from the trailer, we discovered that the damage was too severe and the floor replacement would not happen as planned. Sadly, we returned the replacement floor and parts to NuCamp and demolished the Love Shack. We're now in the market for a new tiny trailer.

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